Summer Taster Classes


In August we’re doing something a little different. We’ll be teaching tasters in a variety of dances related to Lindy Hop – some with a partner, some solo. We’ll also have some very special guest teachers! Classes will run on Thursdays from 7.30 – 9.30pm. We will teach during the first hour or so, then have a social dance. The classes will be suitable for all – no experience required. Here’s the schedule:

August 7th* from 7pm to 9pm Balboa and bal-swing with Duncan and Amy Wright of Mad About Swing. 5 Degrees Below
August 13th Blues King Charles the Martyr Church Hall**
August 20th Trankey Doo King Charles the Martyr Church Hall**

*Note that this is a Friday, not our normal Thursday. We’ll go to dance to the Great Western Jazz Band at the Princess Pavilions afterwards.
**The Church Hall is just behind King Charles the Martyr, on New Street – right in the centre of Falmouth near Arwenack Street.

Here’s some information on the different dances we’ll be teaching:

The Trankey Doo is a jazz dance choreography that first appeared at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem during the 1940s. We dance it to Dipsy Doodle sang by Ella Fitzgerald. Here’s the original: and here’s a modern version:

Balboa was developed as the dance floors of Southern California became too packed to dance Lindy Hop. It’s danced with partners close together and with small steps, which means it can be danced to very fast  music. Dancing Balboa gives you a wonderful and subtle connection to your partner. See how it’s done here:

Blues dance evolved from African rhythms and movements, and was danced within Black communities in the United States in the early 20th Century. It developed and thrived in smoky juke joints and at Blues house parties and rent parties, giving it a more intimate feel. There aren’t a plethora of ‘steps’ as with other dances we teach, rather it’s more about improvisation and that cool blues style. Here’s a video of our favourite Blues dancers, Gas and Alba:

One thought on “Summer Taster Classes

  1. So what is happening this Thursday 27th Aug and where Please ?I cannot see it on facebook or your website ? Are we back to normal ? 🙂


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